LiveUser and LiveUser Admin

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LiveUser is a set of classes for dealing with user authentication
and permission management. Basically, there are three main elements that
make up this package:

  • The LiveUser class
  • The Auth containers
  • The Perm containers

Differently of what could its name indicate (online users tracking), the LiveUser is a very complete user authentication and permission management framework.

In addition the package LiveUser_Admin is all the classes necessary to administrate data used by LiveUser. You can use it to add/edit/delete/get : Rights, Users, Groups, Areas, Applications, Subgroups, ImpliedRights.

There is a great Wiki with LiveUser documentation, news and tutorials. You can also check this Powepoint Presentation by backend media

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  1. liveuser pear November 17, 2008 at 7:53 am · Reply
    un esempio completo di tutte le funzioni di liveuser e liveuser_admin
    ogni aiuto costruttivo e’ gradito

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